Las formas

In February we are learning about las formas, shapes all around us, like rectángulo




We talked about la letra J/j and names, words that start with J/j: Josie, jueves, jirafa, jarra, jugo, jaula, joyas, etc

Mas sobre animales

We continued learning more about más animales and we made masks with insects on them: la libélula y la mariposa.

The children enjoyed painting different animals different colors after repeating the names of their animal.

We also created sticker scenes with birds, pájaros, flying high up in the sky.

We read our Libros de animales favoritos.

And we played and learned a lot…


In January we are learning about animales, animals and we sing Un elefante se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña y como veía que resistía, fue a llamar a otro elefante. Dos elefantes se balanceaban… Tres elefantes… We add more and more elephants into our spider web as we sing…

We also talk about the names of animals we know with magnets and cards.

Our letter was la letra R/r and we learned names and words that start with R: Rea, Rosemary, Reka, ratón, rana, rueda, roca, rey, radio…

The children enjoyed observing and manipulating things found in nature. We used magnifying glasses (lupas) to study our objects.

Mi familia

In October we started learning about members of our families: mamá, papá, hermana, hermano, yo, bebé, abuela, abuelo, tía, tío, prima, primo…